I am alive when I’m performing on stage

Chayne Clouds Performing



I’m alive when I’m performing on stage!

Performing on stage is where I simply come alive. I was scheduled to rock at Roxy Theatre in Denver the other night.  I’m no stranger to the Roxy but this show for me was very different than the ones before.

This show would be the first time, I would stand on my own without counting on a soul.  To prove that I could do this by myself despite what people’s opinions may be.  Before the show, a serious case of Murphy’s Law went into effect but, everything bad that can happen, did happen. Fortunately I fixed all my dilemmas.

I asked myself if I still had the same level of passion for performing on stage that I had when I was young and reckless.  Could I still captivate and control a crowd? Will I be able to rebuild what I had lost? Low key, these things were heavy on my mind.

It wasn’t a packed out show with fans screaming from each corner so, it was a perfect situation to shake the jitters off.  When I felt the heat of lights, and felt the energy and support in the room, I was reminded why I do this…and then the beat dropped. My DJ played  “Puff, Puff, Pass” and as soon as I heard the bass line drop, I came to life.


I felt free, I felt alive in a way I hadn’t felt in years.  To see the few bodies rockin’ with me like we were at a coliseum felt amazing.  I tell the fans “there isn’t a lot of us, but we’re gonna party like it’s sold out!” They cheer and I start to do my thing.

This place, this world, this environment is my home. This is my kingdom.  I come to life when I touch that stage and not a drop of doubt goes through my mind. I love this! In that moment, the world is at my fingertips.  I’m free of all pain and all judgement.  I become the pictures I choose to paint.  Music is my art.

Thank you to everyone who supported this show!



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