How to better understand and love an artist

How to understand and love an artist pt. 1

How to better understand and love an artist is not an easy topic to tackle at all.  We thrive on passion, support, and an unbelievable amount of patience.  It is tough to manage the love you have for your art with the love you share with another soul. We are guilty of being dreamers and the true artist is constantly dream chasing.  Our belief is that a dream stays a dream when there is no action behind it.  I admire and respect the person who has unwavering patience and belief in someone else’s dream.

As an artist, there is no avoiding that our dreams and passions are guaranteed to come with some failures and vices that sometimes, hard work cannot make up for.  We cry internally, we cry externally, we wear our hearts on our sleeve with the hope of having an impact on someone else’s life through our craft.

To love an better understand an artist, you are accepting a lifestyle that most do not survive because of  privacy, some might be drugs, time, lust, frustration etc.  It’s not that those things aren’t normal in a “traditional” relationship but, what it is, is that these things become pushed to the front that much more and that is a tough obstacle to overcome.

To love an artist means immersing yourself into their world, their dreams, everything.  When we hurt, we hurt hard and depending on the artist, we hurt for a long time.  Sometimes you may not even know it.  It is so very important to remind the artist you are with how much you love them.  Do it where they don’t need to ask for that type of love and security.  Artists rely a lot on vibes and energy and you have to be in tune with that.  It’s always a good thing when it comes to loving and better understanding artists, to go with the energy.  A good understanding of this person through time will always tell you what that person needs and it’s completely okay to feed into that passion.

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