Covid-19 creates a huge opportunity for recording artists!



Covid-19 creates a massive opportunity for recording artists!

Covid-19 has hit the United States, and as I’m typing this, the coronavirus has already hit Denver, CO. There are over 10,000 confirmed cases in New York already. If you’re a recording artist, now is a great time to be putting out music.  More people will be at home looking to entertain themselves, and they will be on their smartphones, video games, and computers, longer.


Despite the difficulties we are facing, it’s great to see people making others laugh and joke during this tough time. My weekly event, “Club Geek,”  is postponed until the covid-19 virus goes away.  Since this disease is keeping everyone in the house, take advantage of that knowledge, and get your name out!

The internet is a great tool to be heard, and you can guarantee everyone is on their favorite streaming service RIGHT NOW. Since I’ve been in the house, I’ve taken some time out to network and find other artists looking to collab on songs together. I’ve also made some time to work on my blog and create more content.

For the past few years, I’ve been working on creating my streams of passive income off the internet.  Covid-19 gives artists like me a chance to take a realistic look at our fan engagement. I’m at the point of my music career, where the most prominent thing is content, content, content!

“covid-19 gives other artists like me a chance to take a realistic look at our fan engagement.”

During this stretch, expect to see blogs, vlogs, contests, and giveaways more often.  I released my single “Run Me My Dough” on Spotify this week, and I can see the difference in the type of response I’m getting.


If you’re cooped up in the crib, put your headphones on because someone out there is hungrier than you are, and when this disease clears up, they’ll be able to show what they did with their time over how you spent your time.  Thanks for reading this article.

I share my birthday with my youngest son on March 18th. This week was our birthday week and his 5th birthday.  I just want to say Happy Birthday to my baby boy Jordan-Nasir. We’re going to make up for this birthday with a big party and lots of cake! Daddy loves you so very much!

Also, if you’re an unsigned artist, I’m waiting for you to send your music to my radio station.  Please check out my multimedia company Geek Street Society for more information. Make a donation to the cause; it’s going to help a ton of artists in the future.  All registered artists with distribution will earn royalties.  It would be wise to take advantage of the chance to improve your reach and your fan base.

On that note, please be safe and be careful everyone.  I will do my best to keep coming out with new content.


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