Fake love comes with real success.

Fake love Chayne Clouds

Fake love Chayne Clouds

Fake love comes with real success.

Cautious. I can’t but help feel that way.  I’m no stranger to fake love.  I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve experienced fake love yourself too.  Success can breed animosity and envy.  If you give people the chance, they will absolutely try to destroy you.

I have a giving nature, I’ve always been that way because I know how it feels to be down. I tend to care to my own downfall. As much as it hurts to know that I’ll never be the same from my experiences, it was for the better.  I have embraced this journey with confidence.

In exchange for the scar I wear, I have gained tremendous wisdom and self-confidence. I’ve seen and experienced a lot of different ways fake love presents itself.

Hate it or love it, success makes people gravitate towards you.  It’s my responsibility to know which people to keep in or away from my life….In that regard I failed myself.

Hate it or love it, success makes people gravitate towards you.

I’ve had so many people I tried to reach out to at my lowest, who weren’t there. I found myself alone…then I started to pull myself up…then people who knew what I had went through began to contact me.

To be honest I don’t know how to feel about it except guarded. Fake love comes with real success. I’ve gained a certain type of tunnel vision.  I’ve become more straight forward and confident in what I say.  I’m treated with more respect and people believe in what it is that I do as a result of it.

Don’t get too invested into people, you’ll disappoint yourself. Everyone isn’t meant to be close to you. Life has gotten better. It shows in my psyche, it shows in my music, and my work ethic. Don’t let snakes in the grass ever slow you down. Use it as fuel to be better and do better. The secret to success is happiness. Let people prove they deserve your trust and keep your expectations low.

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