Groupies only want what they can’t have.


Everyone loves you when you have everything. The real ones stand by you with nothing.


Groupies only want what they can’t have.

Groupies have been around since forever.  In every art form, for anyone who was successful or has potential success. There’s male groupies, there’s female groupies and they’re all want something they can’t have. Every groupie has their own personal agenda.  Some want sex, some want clout, some want to destroy.

I’m bringing this topic up because anyone that knows me, knows I love the ladies.  When I was younger,  I was very stupid and wasn’t used to the attention.  I  believed that somewhere past my radio station, and my music, there was a genuine connection with these people.  I hurt a lot of people and lost so much being so naive. The blessing in that is being able to learn from those mistakes now.

Throughout my marriage, there were a lot of good times.  But, like any relationship, we had issues.  As some of you know, I own a multimedia company.  I felt ignored with a lot of our problems. In business and with love. She was a wonderful woman…I knew it, but the failure in communication beat me down repeatedly.

I’d speak with  people I thought were friends about my issues but, I would discover a lot of these people were also envious of what my now ex-wife and I were building together.  It’s difficult to confide in anyone who can’t understand.

Hoping to get a woman’s perspective, I made inappropriate bonds thinking I was filling a void.  Down the road, I realized how much damage I caused. I grew up and gave it a rest eventually, but it was too late.

I was alone and things got ugly.  When the smoke settled, I would try to move on.


Groupies want what they can’t have and will destroy what you have if you let them.

A lot of those same women who were “there” when I had everything, vanished.  I was no longer worth a meet up or dinner to see if that bond was true.  People turned their backs on me.  I wasn’t worth those same good morning texts I would get when I was married.

I was an idiot for thinking the grass was greener on the other side. As much as it hurt, my karma was just.  I’m no punk about it.

Once I lost it all, all that attention faded.  These groupies will destroy your shit…real talk.  Now as a wiser more experienced man, I’m able to see things for what they are 100 times better.  Don’t let these groupies distract you from your goals.  Everyone wants to be around you when you’re up but you’ll find yourself alone when you don’t have.  They will do whatever it takes to be a part of what they didn’t build.

Stay focused and don’t let the attention distract you.  I’m abstinent now hoping to meet the right woman.  I see now even with the little victories I have, how quick they are to slide into your DM’s.  Don’t love these hoes.  If they aren’t willing to put money in your pocket and fight by your side through anything, they aren’t worth it.  Respect a real one and don’t get caught up in these flashing lights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ila-hAUXR5U

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