Hip-Hop is my first love

Hip-Hop is love

Hip-Hop is my first love

I remember as a kid feeling like I had a unique relationship with hip-hop.  The days as a kid putting together basic rhymes in my black and white mead notebook.  Back then I didn’t realize how special you would become to me.  You make me feel complete as a person and for as long as I can remember you have never turned your back on me.

From the very first time I heard Mary J. Blige’s “Real Love” remix with Notorious B.I.G and watched my sister spit Biggie’s bars in the backseat of our parents car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvpbGIZt-7s …from that very moment it had become a dream of mines to rap.

You’ve never made me feel like I was less than.  You made sure I was always heard, you made sure that my words were respected.

I turn to you when I’m upset, or happy, or just want to celebrate. I’m grateful for the things I’ve learned and the people you’ve helped me reach.

I know that when all else fails I can turn to you to help me keep my sanity so I choose to vent to you.

There is no emotion of mines that you don’t understand, and you listen to me in a way no one else will listen to me.  I respect you and the power you have to destroy or to build anything within reach.  You make me feel alive and make my words last forever.

You’ve invested so much time into me that I could never turn my back on you…In fact, all I want to do is show you the fruits of my labor and sacrifice and be able to rock the stage in front of thousands to display what you’ve taught me.  The acknowledgement  is reward enough for everything you’ve done for me.

Because of that I love you and put no one above you beyond God and my kids.  Hip-Hop is my first love and I’m grateful for both the ups and downs I’ve been through with her.

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