How 2020 became the GREATEST year of my life!

Chayne Clouds 2020

How 2020 became the GREATEST year of my life!

2020 has been a crazy year but honestly, it’s also been the greatest year of my life. I worked HARD to succeed and reach my goals despite the odds.  Looking back at this year, we all had to overcome a lot.  We lost a lot of public figures and, I lost my aunt to covid-19 in May. You have to take advantage of today…especially now.

I believe I have done the right things to become the greatest version of myself. I earned my radio station back and my company website is complete.  For me, the most exciting part was making more music and building a bigger fan base. Even with all the things I do in the business world, I love to make music the most.

Despite what I’ve lost, I gained the world by finding myself.  Now that I’ve reached this point and made the most of my time by learning, I will rule 2021! I feel like I’ve definitely learned from my mistakes in life and in business. I feel as though I’ve fine-tuned both crafts at a level that won’t be matched.

Now that I’ve reached this point and made the most of my time by learning in 2020, I will rule 2021!

I’ve already started seeing the fruits of my labor and I’m excited.  I earned more money off of my website than I ever have and I’m very thankful to my supporters.  Because of the pandemic, I’m not doing any live shows, for the time being, I hope you can understand.  As much as I’d like to perform live (because I know people are), I do think safety is more important.

2020 has been a crazy ride and I intend to stand out from the very first day of New Year’s.  To my supporters who read my blogs, check my e-mails, share my posts, listen to my music, and buy my merch: Thank you so very much. Please visit my homepage, join my mailing list.  Do the same for my company, geekstreetsociety.com. Much love.

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