I’m An Artist. Love Me When I Have Nothing

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I’m An Artist. Love Me When I Have Nothing.

I’m an artist I am a man of dreams. I am a man of goals and I am a man of love.  As I accomplish my goals step by step, I gradually see the fruits of my labor come to creation, but I can’t help but think about my friendships and my heart.  One thing I’ve learned is that when you’re on top, everyone wants to be around.  Everyone wants to belong and be a part of something to some extent.  I’ve walked a lot of this journey alone…a lot of those times when I believed to have genuine people around me I found myself way wrong. Most of these experiences were when I was really at my lowest points.

On my rise I know that there will be people that will want to be around.  My biggest concern with people in my life is the feeling that they won’t know or appreciate my struggle.  All anyone will see is my victories which leads me to believe that, many people wouldn’t be around when I was down…because I’ve been there.

I’m an artist.  Love me when I have nothing, because I might not believe you later.  To me, this is the truth.  I know where I am headed regardless of what obstacles come my way and I know exactly who I am.  I’m far from perfect and the irony to me is that, I spent so many years being there for everyone else but, when I needed help no one was there.  It’ll change a person.  It’ll change the way you look at people and the way you look at life.

I believed that putting myself out there and being open minded in a way that I hadn’t before would put where I wanted to be but I was very wrong about that.  It’s easy to appreciate someone when they have everything, but the real ones, will stick with you when you’re down.


The blessing is that it has allowed me to learn myself independently.  As an artist you have to look out for the fake smiles.

Artists like me, dream hard when it comes to literally everything

My mind tells me that from this point forward every person around me will have to genuinely prove it.  I’m not exactly where I want to be, but I’m also not far either.  I’m excited about becoming the greatest version of myself and I know I deserve to be as excited about someone as they will be with me.

It’s easy to love when everything is going well, but a true test of character is a person willing to stand by you when your back is against the wall.  I can’t wait to meet the genuine people who will enter my world on my rise in this next chapter.  I have no desire to be loved for what I accomplish or for what I have.  Love me without fear and understanding of who I am and my lifestyle. Show me it’s real under any situation.  I may not believe you later.  No insecurity or doubt will ever reach my soul.

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