Learning that forgiveness is for me, not for them.

Forgiveness is for you, not them

Find personal peace within yourself. You'll smile more.


Forgiveness is for me, not for them.

Forgiveness is for me, not for them but let me tell you, it’s been a long bumpy road to get to this point.  I have experienced betrayal, resentment, anger, and distrust before, but this time was very different.  I realize that hanging on to those emotions at this point is a waste of time and  I’ve had to learn to accept. I’m blessed to finally see the true strength that comes along with acceptance and I know life has a way wonderful way of teaching everyone about the error of their ways.

I was speaking with one of my friends over at The Fashion Frenze website about not seeing my kids for what will be close to a year now.  My youngest son calls me by my government name instead of daddy.  My oldest daughter is always wondering when we’ll see each other.  I barely hear from my oldest son, and my youngest has been around someone else for half her life. I don’t know if she calls someone else dad.  How could I not be angry?  How could I not see the malicious intent and disrespect? You don’t dishonor the role of a father who has been and always will be present for the children he created. I’ve been a part of my friends journey for a while now.  Seeing her growth has truly become an inspiration to me to become greater.

I know that I love my children, I believe my children know I love them and I have faith that the truth will come to light. But it won’t if I don’t forgive now.

I believe that life has me exactly where I’m supposed to be right now and everything happens for a reason. Let me tell you, seeing the person you once cared about laugh alongside your enemies will change the way you look at life and people altogether.

Harboring anger is easy to do, a lot of people don’t blame me for that resentment but, I’m also much greater than that.

Don’t allow anyone to lower your self worth.

Forgiveness for me has been my biggest obstacle.  It’s tough for me to know when it’s appropriate to speak up when I sense BS and just being a pushover.  My journey has put me in a lot of situations where I could have behaved poorly.  I’ve learned that every time I’ve been hurt by others, time suddenly becomes my ally.  All I have to do is smile and consistent for the blessing that I have today.

I appreciate everyone who has been supportive of me.  Thank you for being patient with me.  I performed in Greeley yesterday and had a blast.  Shout out to everyone who came through.  I had to take a break for my own sanity and health.  But I’m back.  This summer is gonna be amazing.  Buy a t-shirt, join my mailing list or make a donation directly on my site.  Be greater.  Don’t let anger claim you.  As difficult as it is to do, just remember forgiveness is for you, not them.



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