Cosplay Song Lyrics


I love her thick thighs she can be my Chun-Li

And I love it even more when she dresses up for me

I’m talkin’ Sailor Jupiter, and Cammy

You could be my Mary Jane gotta rescue you from me!

And I can be your Kage and you can be Hinata

I’m loaded with this chakra

A shark like samehada

And man she does it proper

Got a thing for all the gamers

And if she pulls off Lara, I’m a be her Tomb Raider

Can I be your room raider?

I love that she’s creative took some time for her to make it but I love imagination

I love the fascination

Salute to dedication she can be my Mystique watch her turn into Jean

My foxy jubilee, let’s live in fantasy

Cuz she’s my Wonder Woman

Who keeps me wondering

What else is in her closet

Those thigh highs got me

Feelin’ like colossus

And I’m just bein’ honest

Girl, do it in your cosplay

Verse 2:

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