Overcome self doubt: My personal journey


My journey to overcome self doubt


Overcome your obstacles. That’s all I can say…Today, I took some personal time to reflect on where I was at 2 years ago.  I remember being angry and uncertain of what the future held.  For a while, I didn’t feel like I had a direction.  I had to overcome a lot of self doubt.

If there was one thing I knew, it was that I finally got the opportunity to live life on my terms. I finally had the opportunity to be the man I desired.  A man that could provide, be consistent, loyal, fearless…and most importantly happy.

I wanted to have my own bills, my own place, and my own car before I’d look for any remote concept of love.  A lot of people would say I was lucky to be in the position I was in, but I didn’t see things that way.  I felt like much less than a man  more often than not.

Overcoming my self doubt has been one hell of a ride. Two years ago, I began laying out plans of what I needed to do step by step on a whiteboard. I walked away from toxic friendships and situations on my own accord and began to think for myself.

I stopped worrying about pleasing everyone and chose to stand my ground and hold true to my beliefs.  These things have been a cornerstone for me and have changed my life for the better.

Self assurance is powerful, tunnel vision is powerful.  There is nothing wrong with doing better. Your past doesn’t define who you are or who you can be. Don’t be afraid to overcome your own self doubt.  It’s okay to be afraid but the only way to overcome, is to face your fears head on.

I remember losing everything some time back, but now, I’m on track to have another wonderful year. None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for your belief in me.

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