Resiliency: The Secret to Overcoming and Overachieving



Resiliency: The Secret to Overcoming and Over Achieving

Resiliency. If there’s anything true about me, it’s that I’m resilient.  It takes persistence and the willingness to fail in order to reach greatness. There will be those who doubt you and will test you throughout your journey. I’ve been through so much in my life and sure, there’s times I’ve wanted to quit…but I didn’t.

I wear deep scars but those same scars have made me wise, they’ve made me strong. You have to get knocked down, and counted out. Resiliency is channeling that doubt, and that hurt and using it as fuel.  Use that doubt to be a greater version of yourself.

2 years ago I had nothing except some clothes and a dream.  I’m not exactly where I want to be today, but I’m also in a better situation all around.  I’ve had to learn how to develop tougher skin and a stronger sense of tunnel vision.

Overachieving I believe, comes with a level of obsession, I am obsessed with success.  The reason for my obsession is because I grew up not having my own.  For me, I’m proving it to myself but it’s also giant middle finger to every person who has ever told me I couldn’t do something.

“What I’ve learned is that you have to be prepared to lose everything in order to gain everything.”

Resiliency means you have to wear that pain and  you have to believe you’ll make it through the fire. When you don’t see a positive outcome what-so-ever, it’s in those moments that you are tested and you have to decide whether you will be courageous or will you be a coward.


What I’ve learned is that you have to be prepared to lose everything in order to gain everything.  Be prepared to feel a sense of growth and personal change.  Be who you desire to be for you.  Resiliency comes with pain, channel that pain into greatness.

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