My songwriting has grown tremendously!



My songwriting has grown so much! In 2019 I get to show off!

Last night I went into Young Amsterdam studios in Denver  to lay a new track down and by the end of it all, I was so impressed with the growth in my songwriting.  After listening to the work that I’ve been creating, I’m excited to release this music to my fans.

I haven’t felt so free and comfortable with my thoughts in my life and it’s showing in my artistry.  I can’t begin to describe how focused I feel.  I’m very much at peace wand I no longer feel like I have to 2nd guess myself.

Up to this point I’ve written a few songs and I would say the biggest difference in my songwriting, is being to directly connect myself to the songs I make.

For a long time I stopped connecting who I was personally into my music to keep from hurting feelings.  I thought of everyone else but myself.  As a result my songwriting suffered.  So much so, that I was holding off on my own issues and began to internalize in a really unhealthy way

I decided I’d be writing a lot more on a personal level and get back to connecting directly.  For me it’s not about the fame it’s about the impact I leave on your soul.  My music is very much my legacy.


When I die, remember me for the way my music connected to the world.  Positive or negative.  My job as an artist is to draw emotion.  If you’re not paying attention, I’m not doing my job well.

All I plan to do this year is show off! I’m going to put out some of my best material and show exactly how talented I am.  I’m blessed to have the fans I do and this journey is about to get wild! Stay Tuned!

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