3 easy steps on how to earn royalties for your music

Earn Royalties


How to earn royalties for your music

For years, I knew about ASCAP and BMI.  I  knew that artists earned royalties through them, but had no idea how.  Now that I’ve learned how to earn royalties for my music, I want to help other artists learn how to earn music royalties.  It would mean the world to me if you could do one of the things listed below show support:

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Now that we’re through with that, I will give you a step by step with links include on how to earn royalties for your music.

  1. Get your music copyrights in order. If you want to earn royalties for your music, you won’t if your music isn’t copy written.  Click the link to register your music.  There is a small fee for getting your music copywritten but you can upload ALL your music and the price will not change. Once your songs are registered you can move on to the next step…
  2. Register yourself with ASCAP or BMI. This step is how you begin the process to earning royalties.  Take the time to research which PRO (Performing Rights Organization) you prefer to join.  Most artists are either with ASCAP or BMI.  You get royalties for your live performances by registering your music with your PRO and can earn royalties for streaming, radio, commercials, etc.
  3. Find a distributor.  There are several distributors such as mondotunes, tunecore, distrokid, etc. While they all generally do the same thing, take the time to do your research. I personally work with LMIT distribution which works directly with artists needs and helps with artist branding, publishing and more.  If you’d like more information on LMIT, please leave a comment and i’ll reach back out to you.
  4. Submit your music.  Once your music is issued an ISRC, you can upload your music.

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