Success truly is the best revenge after all!

Success is the best revenge


Success truly is the best revenge after all!

“Success is the best revenge”.

-Frank Sinatra

Around this time 2 years ago I was humiliated publicly on social media.  It cost me my marriage, bruised my ego and put me in the darkest place of my life.  I thought of different ways I could try to get revenge…to the point it began to eat at my sanity.  I began to look at the world differently after that moment.

The hurt would continue for years with an already failing marriage.  It was tough to handle that level of betrayal  I will admit, but I learned from it.  In a lot of ways, it’s made me a little colder and distrusting of people but, I’m smarter and stronger mentally as a result too.

I learned how to put myself first and how to stand my ground again. I’m happy because what I desired was a sense of self.

My home, my dog, my car, and my house along with my company, my dignity, my identity, my family, and the ability to even consider having a family again were stripped from me.  I haven’t seen my kids in months, and she’s introduced my kids to the new person in her life.  The icing on the cake is that the people who humiliated me, after 14 years together, she calls her friends.

I’m definitely far from perfect and I’m sure a lot of that was my karma for hurting a good person.

I couldn’t seem to get past the realization of what I did and didn’t deserve as a father, man, and human being and it didn’t help that I had toxic people in my life who did nothing but kick me down as I tried to put the pieces of my life back together.


These experiences, no matter how painful forced me to be a better person.

Anger, for some, is a wonderful motivator and lucky for me, I’m one of those people.  I had reached my personal limit well before I got to acceptance and self-reflection.

I tried to convince myself that I could just hop into another relationship as quickly as she did, but I just wasn’t ready and all I did was hurt myself further.

Finally, I had to decide what it was that I desired from life and began to apply my focus towards that.  What I want is to give my kids the childhood I never had. I still want my revenge but, I’m more obsessed with shoving my success down the throats of my doubters.

Fast forward 2 years later with the last incident happening around 7 months ago, and I have a place that I can call home.  I’ve found my own stability and I’m back in the studio.  I’m preparing to travel, I have 2 of my songs about to play in a Netflix movie and I’m repairing my credit!  I have rebuilt my company (geekstreetsociety.com) and created multiple revenue streams for myself!

I’m beginning to hire staff and I’m writing some of the best music I’ve ever made!  I have photo shoots, and radio interviews lined up, and giving back to the youth through my music!

I’m in better physical shape, I read more, I’m more confident, and I’ve grown in my guitar playing.  I have a small but wonderful circle of people who are honest with me that love me, for me and want to see me succeed. My rise is here and having the chance to prove all the people who ignored and doubted me wrong…is PRICELESS.

One day I know I will love again and I know she will embody true greatness.  But for now, I’m focused on my future and my children.  I can do what they thought I couldn’t by myself, and let them witness the greatness that is me first hand.

Success is the best revenge.  Turn that negative to a positive! Kill ’em with a smile on your face.  It gets better and the best is yet to come!

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