I am the best rapper of 2020, get to know me

Chayne Clouds The Best Rapper of 2020

I am the best rapper of 2020, get to know me

I am the best rapper of 2020, and this year is about proving it to the world and myself . 2020 is the year I outwork and outperform every artist. The sound of my music is better, my interviews will be better, and my performances will be the best. I’m not letting up all year and my music will speak for itself. Find me on Spotify or Apple Music  and you’ll see why I’m the best rapper of 2020 for yourself.

It took two years for me to mentally be strong enough to try this again.  All I can show is growth and confidence at this point.  What I desire is success and stability. I have 0 concern for anyone who feels uncomfortable with my statement but, all I want to say to my doubters is: try again next year because this year I got the game is locked.

My first song “I Bet” is getting positive reviews.  I am hell-bent on topping “Gamer Girl” as the biggest song in my catalog. What you can expect from me all year long is consistency and a relentless work ethic.

My confidence hasn’t been this high in years and artistically, I pushed myself hard to find my own lane. If you’re a part of my journey, I want you to believe in yourself and speak your greatness into existence.  There’s this quote I seen online and it said “Aim for the moon, because even if you miss, you’ll reach the stars.

My concern isn’t about how others feel when I say it, my job is not to be here and make anyone feel comfortable. I am the best rap artist of 2020 and I’m also the best artist of 2020.  I plan to turn doubters into believers.  If you want to support that belief join my mailing list, add my music to your playlist, get some merch and stay tuned.  Great things are on the horizon.  Be a part of the ride. Thanks for reading!


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