I am the uncrowned KING of Colorado hip-hop

The Uncrowned King of Colorado Hip-Hop


I am the uncrowned KING of Colorado hip-hop

I’m just going to be very blunt. I am the uncrowned KING of Colorado hip-hop.  This isn’t to take away from anyone else’s accomplishments, work either.  I am not stating an opinion, but those that do know, know it to be fact. Hate it or love it.  I haven’t released any new music, performed any shows or anything.  That comes to an end in 2019.  I will no longer keep you all waiting.

Like anyone else, I’ve reached amazing highs and felt crushing lows. Those lows set me on a track where I needed to remove myself from that throne.  I am the uncrowned king.  As an artist and man, I have overcome things that few ever recover from.  I am back, I am better. Pound for pound, bar for bar, I am better.

I represent Aurora, CO, I have reached national levels of attention for the gifts I was blessed with and the moves I have made in media and music I want what rightfully belongs to me.

To some this may come off extremely cocky but I realize that in life and especially in music, you’re not going to be able to please everyone.  What I care about are my fans and growing my fan base and being greater than I was before.  I need all my monies too.

I’m saying this because I’ve done it once and I damn sure can do it again.  I am not looking at CO as though this is all I want. I am saying this because I realize that I am still under a microscope being who I am in media and people are watching every step I take.

To be able to recover mentally from my losses and get to a point where I was able to find myself again is nothing but a blessing.  I am gracious to my fans, I am gracious to those who have stood by me at my lowest and I owe it to you all to show my greatness once again.


I represent Aurora, CO.  When I bring my company back this year, I represent Aurora.  When I touch a microphone I represent Aurora, and when I bless the stage I am Aurora, CO.

It will be more than talk this year, I will get everything I lost back ten fold I swear it.  I am the best, I have been the best for a long time.  This is my break out year and  I am the uncrowned king of Colorado and I WILL get my crown back…just so I can show it off to the world as something to be respected.  To my doubters, you can laugh now and have all the opinions you want.  I will prove it this year with an exclamation point.  Better than I’ve ever done it and I want you all front and center to witness my greatness and just how good I really am.  No more distractions, it’s time. If you’re a part of #TeamClouds buy a Chayne Clouds Tee in my shop! New music on the way!

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    • I’ll drop it when I have enough people asking for it and my base grows more. But I’ll be dropping singles until then and I am recording.

      • Makes sense.

        Either way, it’s good to see you doing your thing, man. I remember waaaaaayyy back in the day you were talking about it, and you had your notebook with lyrics and everything. I didn’t how serious you were, ’cause growing up it was like every other kid wanted to be a rapper, y’know? Lo and behold though, not only did you make your dream come true, but you put your own, completely unique spin on it. Now THAT is a being a true artist/creator.

        Stay frosty, fam.

        –Roman, Fairway 16-Heather Ridge Goof Troop Crew 😆

        • Yo what’s up Roman???!!! Lol it’s crazy to hear from you. I had been wondering how you had been and what you were up to. It’s great to hear from you. This is my dream brother even back then I was playing violin lol. Music is very much who I am. One of these days we gotta catch up. Hit me up whenever!

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