What it takes to make it in the rap game

chayne clouds rap game

What it takes to make it in the rap game

chayne clouds rap game

The rap game is not for the faint of heart.  This business demands that you have both the brains and the brawn to be successful.  Like most artists, I’ve seen my ups and my downs so, maybe I can help someone who’s just getting started.  Before I go any deeper, I want to tell you something I had to remind myself of:  I make music at the end of the day because it makes me happy and because it gives me peace.

Success in anything you do takes some risk-taking, failure, and consistency. You have to have tough skin because life will try to break you.  A lot of the reason people aren’t successful is that they can’t get up from a failure.  I’ve been laughed at, disrespected, and counted out but, the passion I have for my dream is relentless.  I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for that passion and I’m blessed to have that trait.

When it comes to people supporting my music, I have 0 expectations but, it wasn’t always like that.  It would bother my soul to the core when I didn’t get the support from people I was close to.  Everyone isn’t going to cheer for you and that’s a fact.  When you can accept this, it will make you a better artist.

The rap game is not for the faint of heart

The music business is full of snakes, liars, and scam artists.  I don’t think it’s possible to advance in the rap game without coming across the shady type.  Paperwork is my best friend in this business and the best way to build trust is by using it.  Keep yourself protected with contracts and receipts.

People who keep their word, in general, are few and far between so, cherish them.  In that same breath, Remember that you can do bad by yourself and if you want it done right, do it yourself.  People, come and go just like the seasons.

Success in rap is about consistency.

When I was younger, I used to be a bit of a music snob and would think I could make it just off my bars.  It took some time to realize it wasn’t just about the music as much as it was the business of music.  Invest the time to sign up with ASCAP or BMI and then sign up with a music distributor like octiive or distrokid and start earning royalties.

Focus your presence on 3 social networks, and build up your fan base.  Let the fans get to know who you are as a brand and as a person.  A good artist is always writing, recording, and promoting.  If you’re lucky enough to have friends that will support you, make the most of it, and build a team with a goal.

I love helping artists get their names out there, so if you’re looking for free exposure, upload your music to my radio station on Geek Street Society.

Presentation is key in the rap game

I want people to remember me for the quality and effort I put into everything I do. My graphics, studio-quality, and pictures are all high quality.  You only have one chance to leave a strong first impression, so always be mindful of that.  As much as people love to see growth in your content, they also love to see high-quality content.

Keep contact with your fans

Funny enough, this is something I’m not the greatest at.  Mostly due to the fact I’m also focused on growing my Geek Street Society brand and it’s not always easy to balance my time between both but, with that said, it’s also really important to maintain that contact with your true supporters.  My goal is 1,000 true fans. I keep up with my fans through e-mails and social media.  My biggest fans are the ones who check my e-mails.  Take advantage of your contacts and remain consistent.

I hope this article gives you a solid vision of what to do today to grow your base. Please make sure to join my mailing list. I’ll be updating this article repeatedly until I’m fully satisfied with my work.  Please leave a comment with your current thoughts and give this article a share. Much love.


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