Writer’s block and FIVE ways to get past it!

writer's block


Writer’s block and FIVE ways to get past it!

Writer’s block is one of the most prominent obstacles artists go through.  We all go through it.  Sometimes, it lasts for a few hours, and sometimes it can last for a few weeks.  I’m always writing, and I catch the writer’s block often.  I also find ways to get out of having writer’s block too.  I decided I would write five great ideas to help recording artists get through writer’s block.

5. Walk away

I firmly believe that it’s poor form to try and force any art. I also think the best art comes from impulse.  Sometimes you find yourself staring at a blank piece of paper, unsure of the first words you’re going to put down.  When that happens, just walk away and clear your mind.  I’ve learned that different surroundings can do wonders for the creative aspect. That change of environment can be the park, your car, or sometimes it could just be in your kitchen.  Try writing in different places and experiment with your music to see what it inspires out of you.

4. Record yourself

Sometimes writing doesn’t do the trick.  When that happens, grab your phone and start recording your lyrics.  I noticed that when I start recording myself, the words that I want to get off my chest sounds much better. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many of my best hooks came directly from a freestyle I had. (My song “Puff, Puff, Pass” is one of those songs, check it out on the homepage!) https://iamchayneclouds.com

Writer’s block is a part of the artistic journey.  Look at it as the next part of your creative growth. You only improve more when you’re out of your own head. Writer’s block is nothing more than a checkpoint in your growth.

3. Change your writing method

The more we write, the more patterns we develop in our writing styles.  Of course, there are good habits and bad habits, but all of it makes you better.  One method I find useful is to change my style up.  If you write your hooks first, try to switch it up and write your verses first.  Sometimes the inspiration for the chorus comes from writing the lyrics first.


2. Collaborate

As an artist, vibes will dictate a lot, and inspiration can come from anywhere.  If you’re feeling stuck, reach out to one of your peers to work on a song together.  Sometimes it takes the right person to be around to draw out the right kind of vibe.  A couple of songs together, and you’ll be out of your rut in no time!

(Honorable Mention – Smoke)

If you do not smoke, I am not encouraging you to do so.  But, I write my best music once I’ve burned some loud and let the music hit my soul. Without a doubt, I use this method to get past most of my writer’s block.  Most artists know this, though.

1. Change the song

Sometimes the beat is right, and the lyrics aren’t, and sometimes, the words are sick, but the track is wrong. Try using the same verses you wrote before to a different beat and see how it turns out! Try rewriting your lyrics.  I have more than a handful of songs where I sat on the beat for years, came back to it with different rhymes. All of those songs have turned into a banger! (Gamer Girl is my example of a song where I changed the lyrics.)

Thank you for taking a moment to read my writer’s block.  If you have any good ideas on how to get past writer’s block, feel free to leave a comment!




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